Sarah Green

South Coast Prevention Manager (currently on maternity leave)

Sarah grew up in the South Coast region and now raises her family here, enjoying the incredible lifestyle and opportunities it provides. Sarah has worked in the health promotion space in Victoria and Western Australia for over a decade on a number of diverse projects. Ensuring the community has a voice in the decisions that affect them and the area they live is important to her.

Beth Allan

South Coast Prevention Manager, Acting

Beth enjoys taking a place-based and collaborative approach to primary prevention initiatives to achieve better health outcomes for communities in the South Coast. In addition to currently leading the Prevention Team, Beth is supporting local early childhood services to create healthier environments for children, staff and families through her work implementing Smiles 4 Miles. She is also an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

Janelle Smyth

Health Promotion Officer

Janelle is a parent to 4 children and is heavily involved in our community through a variety of sporting clubs. She has a strong passion in maintaining and increasing participation in sport and active recreation for all age groups. Janelle has worked with local schools to support their sports programs. She is currently working with secondary schools to educate students and the wider school community on the health risks associated with e-cigarettes.

Georgina Maxwell

Health Promotion Officer

Georgina works across the priority areas of increasing healthy eating, increasing physical activity, reducing tobacco related harms and delivering a whole of community approach to family violence. She has a Bachelor of Health Science degree majoring in Health Promotion and Family, Society and Health. She enjoys working with a team that strives to improve the health and wellbeing of her local community.

Sam Kleverlaan

Health Promotion Officer

Samantha is currently working with the Vic Kids Eat Well initiative to promote, support and implement changes to create healthy food and drink environments for children and young people in the local community. Having previously worked in critical care research, she enjoys working in a space with a focus on prevention of illness and she holds a Bachelor of Health Promotion and a Bachelor of Public & Environmental Health.

Anita McMillan

Health Promotion Officer

Anita has lived and worked as an Accredited Practising Dietitian in the South Coast Region for many years, and is now raising her family here. She has a keen interest in early life nutrition and is supporting early childhood services to create healthier environments through the Achievement program. Anita is also currently working with local health services to improve the availability and promotion of healthy food options.

Mel Owen

Admin Support

Mel is currently assisting with admin support and enjoys learning and assisting in community based projects. She has lived in regional communities and is happy to be apart of team that will help with the health and wellbeing of families and children in regional areas.