About Us

The South Coast Prevention Team is a result of a strong commitment by Bass Coast Health, Gippsland Southern Health Service and South Gippsland Hospital to work collectively across the sub-region with pooled health promotion resources. This model provides clearer policy direction and delivers better alignment of prevention work to the broader health agenda across the sub-region.

Our Catchment

The South Coast Prevention Team catchment encompasses the Local Government areas of Bass Coast and South Gippsland.

• Located east of Melbourne in the Gippsland Region.
• The total population of the sub-region is 72,495, 41,798 Bass Coast and 30,697 South Gippsland (ERP 2022).,
• Between 2021 and 2036, the population of Bass Coast is forecast to increase by 10,346 people (28.7 per cent growth) and the population of South Gippsland is forecast to increase by 5,546 people (18.2 per cent growth).
• For further health and welling data of the South Coast click here

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